What’s the Use, Anyway?

Entrepreneurs are some of the hardest working people I know.

Most of the Entrepreneurs I’ve worked with for the past 30 years had, once upon a time, what I call a “fist pounding moment”. They saw something that needed to be fixed or that they thought they could do better and in a moment said, “OK, that’s it – I’m gonna do something about that and that’s the last word.”

Then they got to work, built the thing or started the movement, or got noisy…and worked their butts off. Tirelessly. Optimistically. Faithfully.

So once the “thing” is built – or at least clicking along at respectable pace – a little problem shows up. And that is this: 

The very thing they’ve built to create a better life, has hijacked their dream for a better life.

Turning this around so that the business is inside of an amazing life, rather than all that matters in life being crammed inside of the tiny nooks and crannies left over after the business is tended to…requires a sort of reinvention for most business owners. You might say, they often need another “fist pounding moment”.

The fast track to this reinvention is really 3 steps:

  1. Re-Boot Mindset and Habits to align with the long term vision of what you want life to be like when you’re 100 years old. You ain’t gonna be able to keep this focus and pace forever – and in fact, if you want to live a long time, you had better shift your pace and focus or you’ll find an abrupt halt to all you’ve worked for before you “get there”.
  2. Re-Charge your Health and Relationships; in other words: take care of the Golden Goose so you can keep laying Golden Eggs. Nobody is going to call you a hero if you’ve built a big business but try to manage it with tubes coming out of your every orifice to keep you going. And if there is going to be an “anybody” that gives a hoot about what you’ve done, you’d be best to take a look at who you need – and who you want – to be along for the journey with you.
  3. Re-Define Wealth and Significance. It’s really not about money, though you might have convinced yourself that’s the big banana. Wealth is really about long term security, making sure money is coming in with you or without you, and being able to give at will. And Significance? That’s about making a difference. Counting for something. Not asking the question, “What’s in it for me?” but instead asking the question, “Whats in me for others?”

Jump on my calendar to talk through where the soft spots are in putting you’re business inside of life…and making all of your hard work and effort truly pay off…to and past when you are 100.

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