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Thank you! Now Let's Get This Show Started!

I will carefully explain and guide you through all the program assets and make sure you have a full understanding of them in our first 1:1 Coaching Call. But First:

  1. Go to and book a time with me for our first chat. Note you'll have seven 1:1 sessions with me during your 100 days, but this first one is critical for you to get started properly.
  2. Make sure you whitelist my email address so that you get my daily Laser Minute messages...100 consecutive days of Mindset Inspiration and Insight! You should be receiving them within 24 hours of signing up.
  3. Go buy a leather bound journal to write in. If you forgot how to write ;), you can go digital by setting up a simple Journal File in Word, Pages, One Note, Evernote or some other simple note-taking program. This will be a critical piece of your program and process - so take care of it now!
  4. Download the Mindset Reinvention Master Framework™ NOW - it will be an invaluable reference tool for your Journey. Click Here.

Get ready for the ride of your life...and achievement and success you've never before experienced

-- Coach Steve.

PS - (If you have any questions, email me or call/text me at 512-963-3432.)

PPS - If you haven't yet, please get a head start by watching my video to the left describing The 7 Essential Habits for Success™ Click Here to Get the download. It's about 10 minutes and will give you keen insight into just some of the powerful paradigms you'll be learning!

A Reminder
Of The Resources Waiting for You

  • 100-Day Intensive Training

    Your Training Phase takes place over a 100-consecutive-day period, during which you will be introduced to the power of Mindset, how we form Beliefs, how to (re)form our Motives for Success, how to take control of reprogramming our Mindset so we can predictively access new velocity and achievement.

  • 1:1 with Coach

    Your Training takes place in 7 personal, 1:1 sessions with Coach Steve held every other week during your Mindset Reinvention Journey. Your first session will orient you to the Master Framework, then the following will reveal the details of each powerful element of the Framework. You’ll be guided to immediately apply what you are learning, while receiving world-class accountability, motivation and inspiration.

  • The Formula

    Throughout the program, the Mindset Reinvention Master Framework™ will guide you through the proven process and sequence that will bust beliefs, redefine motives, and launch to an epic new chapter of achievement. This Framework is not theory…it has been developed through hundreds of hours of coaching and real-world application by AchievementBridge Clients.

  • Every…single…day – for the full 100 Days – you will receive, direct to your inbox, an audio message we call “Laser Minute”. It’s fast, clear, and powerful. Every day is a different message and each is designed to “get you to think” as you explore Mindset Reinvention.

  • 24/7 Email Support

    Your Coach is ALWAYS there! You may contact Coach Steve anytime via email with questions, challenges, celebrations, breakthroughs, obstacles…whatever. The more you use the support, the more you’ll accomplish.

  • 100% Guarantee

    This works – and it’s guaranteed. If you follow the framework and formula, and execute on the Master Framework as directed, you will begin experiencing new velocity in achieving nearly everything to which you aspire…or your money back.