Thank You…Really!

Thank you.

Really. Thank you. Thank you for your commitment to personal growth and success. And thank you for being open to learning from my experience in coaching other success-seekers like you.

And what are you thankful for?

Best-selling author Tim Ferriss suggests starting every day by journaling at least 3 things you are thankful for. Personal development icon Anthony Robbins recommends spending at least 30 minutes a day meditating on gratitude. Denis Waitly – author of The Psychology of Winning (the all-time best-selling personal development audio program) teaches that the fastest path to fulfillment is appreciation. And the authors of every life-success advice book ever written from The Bible to Think and Grow Rich to How to Win Friends and Influence People all agree:

When one appreciates the gifts and abundance that surrounds us,
we notice and act on and attract more of the same

Appreciation is a mindset. Practice that today and see how great tomorrow becomes.

Coach Steve

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