Take a Chill Pill

Does it “bug you”…when someone says “just relax” or “take a chill pill”?

I confess, it does me. I’m going for it. I’m competitive. I tend to take life pretty seriously. I don’t want to chill out, really.

And you know what – a lot of successful people think the same way. Maybe all successful people are wired like that.

But here’s the deal: if your accelerator is always pressed to the floor, there’s a long term impact that can turn out to be quite uncomfortable.

We’ve all heard the term “burn out”. And there’s real science behind that condition.

You see, we have two types of hormone systems in our body. Let’s call one set the “fire” hormones, and the other the “ice” hormones.

Fire hormones like adrenaline and cortisol are required for us to be productive, working, and in the game.. But the Ice hormones, like dopamine, melatonin, and serotonin are required for cellular repair, flushing toxins, and essentially keeping all our plumbing clean (digestion, circulatory, pulmonary).

So if you never those Ice hormones a chance to kick in – because your revving all the Fire hormones all the time – it serves up a double whammy: it starts to wear out the production of what you need to be on “go” mode, while retarding the production of what you need for “slow” mode.

I know that’s not a terribly scientific explanation of real science – but the bottom line is that we all really do need to take a chill pill.

So how do success-oriented, hard-driving Entrepreneurs manage this? I’ve found the best, quickest way to find this nirvana-type balance is to focus on “yield” rather than “effort”.

Most Entrepreneurs focus on the “doing” or work part of achievement. Instead, making a habit of focusing on getting the highest outcome from the least effort, everything relaxes. The accelerator comes off the floor, more time opens up, and everything suddenly doesn’t feel like it’s a massive rush.

Sound mystical? Impossible? Elusive? Let’s talk it through. Find a time on my calendar and we can talk through your goals, your modus operandi, and how to turn down the Fire and turn up the Ice.

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