Have you ever wanted to morph or makeover some aspect of life into something very different than currently existed? You know, snap your fingers and see a massive reinvention of that area of life that lights you up, inspires you, lifts you to new energy and purpose?

Your body image might be one of those areas – you look in the mirror, do a quick 360 and look again but this time the reflection back is a sleek, athletic, lean image. Or what about money? You look at your online banking accounts or your portfolio – blink your eyes and suddenly POW!… an abundant, overflowing outlook shows itself.

How about the connectedness in your relationship with your kids, the energy and synergy with your partner, your productivity and focus embedded in each day, your sense of purpose and contribution and how it catapults you out of bed in the morning…or while we’re at it, how about how your whole life ahead and your view of the horizon?

For over 30 years I’ve worked with an amazing array of people aspiring to reach a new or next level of success in a variety of life domains where they felt they were ready for but had not yet attained their perceived potential for fulfillment. You know: they knew it was in there but didn’t quite know how to ignite it. Most of the time, those personal achievement projects have been impressively successful. I’ve always made a habit of looking for people’s greatest assets and it is often that I can see more for them than they can see for themselves. But I have to say, a surprising number of times the people I’ve worked with have outdistanced even what I thought was possible for them. And you know, every time that has happened the common denominator has been very simply… purposed Reinvention…a deliberate decision to take all the perspectives and experiences that life has brought to them to that given point, thrown some things out, refreshed some things, added a few elements and then crafted a new vision – along with an unwavering commitment to realize a new chapter for their life… and Boom – a new life became reality.

Reinvention is renewal, rebooting, building up or cleaning up, stretching for more or putting more value on less, counting more or making less things count.  Reinvention creates something better, something new, something different, something more brilliant – and it makes life abundantly rich.

What about your life deserves – is ready for – reinvention? If the path that history has carved in your life continues in the same direction – will you end up where you really want to be?  Think about it.

Your life. Your contribution. The hole that you fill up to overflowing that will be the compelling inspiration for others to turn into something even greater.  Reinvention is becoming the you you really want to become.


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