Sales Skills Performance Inventory

Congratulations on your decision to take a fresh look at the essential process of planning for Peak Performance as a selling professional. By tasking through this simple process you are distinguishing yourself among other in your field.

The first critical lesson in learning to reach to new, ultimate levels of achievement is that a new journey begins with honest self-assessment followed by fresh thinking and reinvention. Most sales people try to "change" by only working harder: more time, more calls, trying new things in an ad hoc manner. And though hard work is essential, without fresh thinking first your efforts will lead you to exactly the same place as you started. This inventory will help you chart a new, smarter path to new success.

This Sales Skill Inventory contains two parts: 1) a guide to help you create a "Battle Cry"  and Career Vision for you new beginning, and 2) and comprehensive self evaluation of 27 key selling skills. Take your time and be honest and self-reflective. It should only take an hour or so to complete but will give you keen insight.

Once complete, follow the instructions on the final page to connect with your Coach to build a plan around your Inventory with your Vision as a back drop!

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