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Congratulations! You are now enrolled in The AchievementBridge™ Coaching Intensive: 12 months guidance to your best-ever business, starting with 100 days of full-access coaching for a fast start! You will also have 12 months access to the amazing array of Entrepreneur Excellence Alliance Assets: Coaching, Collaboration, and Tools that are guaranteed to guide you create and begin implementing your new plan for your Lifetime Best Income, while designing your business so that you can enjoy a kick-ass life along the way!

The first step is to begin a strong rhythm with Your Coach! Click the button below to schedule your first monthly 60 minute Strategy Session. Remember: you have open, anytime-access to me for the first 100 days, and following we'll do a monthly Strategy call, so bookmark this page, and/or keep the link handy (!

Your Second Step is to follow the instructions you will find in a separate email that will guide you through logging in and setting up access to The Entrepreneur Excellence portal. Note: This is where you will access all of the Tools and Resources that will become essential to your Journey to Entrepreneur Excellence!

Finally, your Third Step is to Take Action! Explore the assets in the EEA portal, begin with the Start Here video, put the next upcoming Trailside Chat on your calendar...dive in! Go!

This will be fun, productive ride...and a turning point in your Entrepreneurial journey.

To Your Success,
Coach Steve

PS - if you have any trouble at all or have questions about getting set up, please reach out to my extraordinary assistant Deb:

The Entrepreneur Excellence Manifesto

The characteristics of successful business owners are consistent and predictable...and a practice.

The Entrepreneur Excellence Manifesto is a guide to both remind you and inspire you to stay the course in developing these characteristics. Watch the video and download the printed version to keep in front of you!

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