In a hurry, are Ya?

Are you in a rush today? Take a second and read this… it might help calm things down!

How you think about Time can be a critical influence on your success in business and life: how much income you generate, how rich your relationships are, how stressed you are and therefore how healthy you are…it’s huge!

So here’s the deal: if you are in a hurry right now, it may be because you haven’t planned your day or prioritized your tasks. And if you haven’t done that, it is because you are unconsciously thinking that you’ll have the time “later” you need to get stuff done… but that can be a debilitating mindset.

Here’s a tip that can help you not only optimize your Time, but begin to master a new Mindset about Time:

The night before each day ask yourself two questions…

1 – What are my most important goals I am focused on achieving right now?
2 – What is the most important task or project I can address tomorrow to move closer to those goals?

With clear goals, and focused plan – you are now adopting a mindset of appreciation for time.

Coach Steve

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