I Quit!

We’ve been taught in our culture that quitting = failure. Recently one of my coaches was quoted as saying,“The only way you won’t succeed is if you quit!”

For most of us high-ambition, competitive types this resonates… speaks to our “Warrior Within”.

But is it wise thinking? Is it really true that if we quit we fail?

Seth Godin, in his best-selling book The Dip, speaks brilliantly about “creative quitting” and makes a very good case for quitting not only a good thing, but a straight-line strategy to becoming World Class. World Class people – and businesses – are highly selective and very intentional about where time, energy, resources, and focus are directed. They pick the highest yield projects and passions and stick to them relentlessly…literally crowding out distractions, tangents, and unproductive pursuits.

As Entrepreneurs, we are plagued with “chase the squirrel” tendencies. We love inventing, and that tends to result in a never-ending and ever-increasing “To-do” list. I call it a backpack full of rocks. Added weight that we carry around, day in and day out, that over time we sort of get used to. But the reality is that that extra weight most certainly becomes brutally inhibiting to our best efforts and highest use or expression of our truest potential.

So…what do you need to quit? Where are you spending time, money, talent, ambition – your highest value assets – that really isn’t in synch with being World Class?

Be ruthless.

Look at Projects, People, Routines in Business, Personal, and Social domains. Time on Social Media, watching the News, “cc All” Emails and Texts. Attending meetings, events, or activities out of obligation rather than for a distinct purpose. Organizing or re-ordering stuff or spaces when they really need to be discarded. Doing things the old, comfortable way rather than investing in efficiency or automation. Doing or touching things twice or more when once or none will do. Throw it out, eliminate it, turn away from it, burn it, quit it. If it’s not contributing to your highest-value and highest-yield pursuit of branding yourself as World Class…it’s derailing your access to success.

I’m going to challenge: The only way you won’t succeed is if you don’t quit!

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