Thank You!
Now Let's Start Your Journey to
Entrepreneur Excellence!

Thank you! Now let's get you on your way to Entrepreneur Excellence!

Here's what you need to do right away:

  1. Go to and book a time with me for our Strategy Call.
  2. Note that you can schedule 10-Minute Laser Sessions any time throughout the program. For those calls, you'll go to Keep that link handy. Each Laser Session must be focused on one specific topic or question. Instructions are in the calendar link.
  3. You also have access to me via email by going to
  4. Make sure you whitelist my email address so that you get my Laser Minute messages...Mindset Inspiration and Insight! You should be receiving them within 24 hours of signing up.
  5. Go buy a leather bound journal to write in. If you forgot how to write ;), you can go digital by setting up a simple Journal File in Word, Pages, One Note, Evernote or some other simple note-taking program. This will be a critical piece of your program and process - so take care of it now!
  6. Review the AchievementBridge Master Trail Guide and Training Videos. This Framework will be the centerpiece of our work together.
  7. Watch for a Zoom invitation to join your first Trail Side Chat - the mastermind collaboration with your Tribe of other Entrepreneurs building their business and building an amazing life at the same time. This will be an opportunity to learn from others, contribute to others, and get coaching on navigating the Master Trail Guide! (Once a month each month you are in the program.)

Get ready for the ride of your life...with achievement and success you've never before experienced!

-- Coach Steve.

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