In his best-selling book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, Vishen Lakhiani coins the term “BRules” (Bullshit-Rules) to describe rules that we have been taught – by society, by parents, by peers, by working environments – to believe as “the way things work”.

When I heard this, my mind went off on how many BRules I’ve unconsciously adopted myself, as well as the many BRules that I help my Clients rewire most every week.

One of the many BRules that creates anxiety, unnecessary urgency, and a lot of pain for many that reach the second half of life is this:

“Retirement = Success”

We’ve been taught by our parents, magazines, television commercials, and hundreds of books that if we aren’t preparing for retirement, we are mis-managing money. And God forbid that we fall behind on a plan for “retirement” – that is as much as slow death.

But let’s think about this for a second.

Do you really even want to retire?

Most that I ask that question to, and many that answer the question before I ask, tell me that they never really want to retire. Why? They love what they do. They have many other things they want to evolve or graduate to. They like being productive. And they can’t imagine what they would do with themselves even if they were retired.

The image of senior community shuffle board tournaments and cruising around the country in an RV looking for senior citizen discounts at local cafeterias isn’t at all appealing.

Likewise, the real rules for money have changed. Massively.

Accumulation is more difficult than ever with increasing costs of living, incredibly expensive health care, new obligations for taking care of our parents (because they’re living longer), the financial weight of boomerang kids (they leave but can’t find self-sustainability), and withering or shaky investment portfolios has all become the standard vs the exception.

Meanwhile, the idea of “career” has morphed dramatically. Putting in 30-40 years in the same job and retiring on a pension is truly a myth except for a rare few career paths. Not only have pensions been eroded, if at all honored – technology advances are eliminating career paths for many faster than ever in the history of business. So with every career change comes a reboot that often feels like starting over.

So what do we do if retirement is myth – and not the rule?

If you are an Entrepreneur, you already have found the answer…but let’s put it this way:

The solution for financial security to the end of life is – at least in part – turning ideas, passions, and productive pursuits into real income-producing resources that endure because they serve others by answering needs and solving problems.

Think about it.

Coach Steve

PS – I can help you not only turn ideas, passions, and productive pursuits into more, better, and enduring income… but I also can help you accomplish that AND have an amazing life and lifestyle at the same time. Book a (free) Slingshot Session with me to start mapping your plan!

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