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Listen to Coach Dailey talk about the Mind-Body Connection

For some I’m about to tell you something that you know but you don’t want to be reminded of. So brace yourself. I promise this will be good for you.

I’ll get right to the point: If you do not currently have a regular physical exercise program you are dramatically compromising your personal business success, gambling with your future and destined to face implications that may in fact make your best efforts in business and wealth generation irrelevant.

Do I have your attention?

Just in case you need a little more reason to listen to what I have to say next let me add this: in spite of what you do for exercise, if you are careless with your diet or have unhealthy crutches such as alcohol, smoking, caffeine or drugs there likely is nothing more important in your life to focus on right now than to eliminate that habit’s grip on your thinking, decision making, productivity, leadership image, self image and overall access to success in life.

Sound dramatic? It’s not at all. I’m serious. Dead serious.

So to tackle this as quickly as possible and without making you feel more guilty than you likely do right now about not placing your physical health higher on your priority list, allow me to start with 3 good reasons to begin this week in changing your habits…then I’ll tell you how to get started or be more consistent with your intention.

First – taking good care of your body – and specifically physical exercise – reduces or eliminates stress and stress is the number one source of roughly 90% of every physical ailment you will experience in life. Stress of all types has a physical implication on our body chemistry, organ function, ability to resist environmental toxins of all kinds and inhibits our body’s ability to respond to disease.

Next – taking care of your body physically and nutritionally has a mental and emotional benefit that translates to clearer decision making, sharper brain function, higher self esteem and faster reaction times in all circumstances. The stronger you are emotionally, the more effective you are selling, leading people and attracting favorable relationships in your life.

Finally – regularly disciplining yourself to challenge yourself physically and mentally gives you a competitive edge. When you continuously match yourself against physically challenge – and succeed – you create a layer of mental and physical armor that over time becomes impenetrable. Physical endurance and the mental toughness learned through developing that endurance can become your ultimate differentiator.

Now…what to do about it. Heres a simple 5 step plan that I have introduced to hundreds of clients. When you implement it, you will feel better about yourself and you will have a foundation to achieve much more in business and life.

Step 1: Set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier and get your butt out of bed every day at the same time with the exception of one weekend day a week. If you are afraid you will miss the sleep, turn off the stupid TV and get yourself to bed 30 minutes earlier. Chances are though you won’t miss the sleep at all.

Step 2: Use that 30 minutes to arrange your day so that you can build in 30 minutes of exercise. It might be that you get right out of bed and go for a walk or a jog or that you just get to work earlier so that you can justify an extra 30 minutes at lunch or you might get to work earlier so that you can leave earlier to hit the gym on your way home. Just build it into your day.

Step 3: Do some form of exercise with your 30 minutes every single day at least 5 days a week. You can walk up and down the stairs in your building, take the long way back from lunch, hit an aerobics class, jump on your bicycle, play a game of racquet ball…something, anything. It doesn’t have to be the same thing and it doesn’t have to be particularly hard or excruciating. On the days you feel great – kick some butt. On the days you have a case of the “I-don’t-wannas” then do something easier. Just do something and be consistent with it.

Step 4: Stop throwing crap down your throat or into your lungs on Wednesdays. Then add Tuesdays. Then add Thursdays. Then pick either Friday or Monday and the next week pick the other day. Then finally pick a weekend day. Once your are taking care of your body nutritionally 6 days of the week, decide if you can afford to cheat on the seventh day or not. Some can – some don’t want to.

And Step 5: Reward yourself after every 30 days of consistency with whatever you want to do to take better care of your body: get a massage, have a night on the town, take a trip out of town, buy a new pair of shoes…whatever you think you are deserving, reward yourself consistently and purposefully.

Now remember, this is not about losing weight – though you probably will. This is not about competition – though you will become more competitive. And this is not about the next secret weapon that you’ll do for a few weeks and then stop…no this is about a commitment to live a long and healthy life – for life.

You have to get this point: you will make yourself sick if you are trying to compete in business without bringing the best physical and mental tools you can bear to the party. You have to be in shape to do your best. Period. And if you are not in shape – no matter what you say, you are not bringing the best you have to whatever it is that you are doing. You might be lucky enough to win in business and not take good care of yourself – I see many people that do that – but I absolutely guarantee there is an offsetting cost that literally makes it all not worth it for them sooner or later. You can make all the money in the world, but it won’t make any difference if you are too sick or out of shape to enjoy it.

So that’s it…3 reasons and 5 steps. Now do it…just do it. Your business is at stake, not to mention your life.

About the Author

Steve Dailey has coached aspiring Olympic athletes, start-up entrepreneurs, seasoned business leaders and high climbing executives for over 25 years. His clients have made millions while attaining - or retaining - balance in all areas of life. He has appreciatively gained deep insight on success and achievement through this work; as well as through his insatiable quest to take on new personal challenges including a US to Canada bicycle trip, climbing Kilimanjaro, canoeing across Belize and gaining national recognition in Master's swimming.

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  1. Kieba says:

    Most people leave their lives unlived….”a life left unlived”
    think about that…how does that feel? How do you feel about your life should it end tomorrow as you now know it…..did you Really Live it….Live it with excitement feeling that passion you deserve to feel? Following these steps above, I think would empower you to get outside of your comfort box and give you the physical and mental strength to “go that extra mile” or push past your blocks…..Really Live and experience Life!
    Shock your body-mind-spirit and Rawk on
    Mahalo/thank you Steve
    “coach” kieba

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